Inspired in Barcelona: Mediterranean Design


Del 9 al 13 de abril el mejor diseño de Barcelona será uno de los protagonistas de la Milano Design Week 2019. 'Inspired in Barcelona: Mediterranean Design' mostrará una selección de algunas de las mejores empresas y diseñadores de productos del sector hábitat de Catalunya que se inspiran en los valores, la excelencia y el estilo de vida de Barcelona.

Made Design Barcelona estará representada por los percheros Bologna by Eduard Juanola y Treviso by NutCreatives.

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We could define the Mediterranean identity as a way of life that finds beauty in the simple things and embraces happiness in everyday trivia. A culture that treasures the sunny days, the local rituals and the fresh food on the table; a warm culture of welcoming people with open smiles, who love to share, enjoy, and take it slow;  a diverse culture between the mountains and the sea, wide open to the world, yet so very singular and and built at a human scale; an open culture fuelled by curiosity – alive, dynamic and chaotic –where tradition entwines harmoniously with modernity; an emotional culture, of high spirits and endless creativity.

If you had to mention territories that stand out thanks to their own distinctive design culture, Catalonia and, especially, Barcelona, should come to mind: their creative tradition; the international recognition of their professionals, brands and schools, the values arising from the Mediterranean shores and its year-round mild climate, influence the lifestyle and the state of mind of the creators who work there, the citizens who live there and those who visit it, and helps us understand Catalonia’s design community potential.

From 9 to 13 April the exhibition ‘Inspired in Barcelona: Mediterranean Design’ will open its doors to the international public, who will have the opportunity to discover a sample of the best products from the habitat sector from all around Catalonia, from the most consolidated brands to the emerging talent of new editors inspired by Barcelona’s values and lifestyle.

Made Design Barcelona is well represented by our coat hangers Bologna by Eduard Juanola and Treviso by NutCreatives.

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Du 9 au 13 Avril, le meilleur design de Barcelone sera l'un des protagonistes de la Milano Design Week 2019 et de son principal événement, le salon du Mobilier. Inspired in Barcelona: Mediterranean Design montrera une sélection de quelques-unes des meilleures entreprises et concepteurs de produits du secteur de l'habitat Catalan qui s’inspire des valeurs, de l'excellence et du mode de vie de Barcelone.

Made Barcelona Design sera représenté par les porte-manteaux Bologna by Eduard Juanola and Treviso by NutCreatives.

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